If there’s one thing we know for sure when we’re shopping for a wedding guest outfit, do not wear white. Under any circumstances. But can you wear black to a wedding?

In age-old etiquette books, you might find some outdated reasons for not wearing black to a wedding. But now, it can be a chic and simple way to do wedding guest attire.

When it comes to black, it’s all about how you do it. Black can be sultry and sexy. Even though a little bit of this is fine for a wedding guest outfit, you don’t want to attract too much attention. So, steer away from anything too saucy and plunging and stick to contemporary and simple cuts.

How to wear black to a wedding

Here are our top tips on styling a black wedding guest outfit.

Choose a black print

This season’s on-trend dark floral prints or a classic polka dot. Black prints are a great way to wear black to a wedding. Prints break up the darker hue. This gives you more of a classic wedding look while keeping you in your favourite palette.

Opt for feminine details

Sometimes black can look and feel heavy. To combat this for a wedding outfit, opt for feminine details. Ruffles and ruching will keep your look soft and chic.

Embroidery injects touches of colour and detail. This works beautifully when layered with sheer fabrics, such as tulle.

Choose lightweight fabrics

Unless your wedding is in the depth of winter, lightweight fabrics tend to work best when opting for black. Fabrics like chiffon and silk create soft and feminine lines. Team this with feminine details, such as ruffles for wedding outfit perfection.

Try some sparkle

A little sparkle can brighten up any black wedding guest outfit. Opt for sequins or beadwork on a black dress as the perfect wedding look.

Wear a black jumpsuit

A black dress isn’t your only option if you’re considering black for a wedding this year or next. How about a chic and stylish black jumpsuit? Now, the perfect wedding outfit alternative to a classic dress, choose a sleek wide-leg jumpsuit and opt for luxe accessories. Statement earrings or a crystal belt will keep your look ultra-feminine.

Add bright accessories

If black is your go-to, why not brighten up your head to toe look with a pop of colour? Colourful shoes or a bright clutch add just the right touch of on-trend colour to any wedding outfit.

Check with the bride

One of the best ways to work out if you can wear black to a wedding is to simply check with the bride. Every bride will feel differently about this. Some won’t have a care in the world if their guests turn up in black. But asking outright gives your bride the chance to suggest brighter choices.

Wearing black to a wedding is no longer a fashion faux-pas. So, if it’s your favourite palette, embrace the dark side. Dress your black wedding guest outfit up with just the right details and accessories to make it work.

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