It’s one of the biggest questions all mums consider. What should I wear as the mother of the bride? 

Wedding style has evolved. Mother of the bride dressing has more options than ever before. But this also means it might feel a little overwhelming when starting out on your search. 

At Fab Frocks, we see A LOT of mothers of the bride – and groom. So, we’ve put together some of the most popular choices below to help you to start to think about your options.

But first, let’s go through our top tips on how to choose a mother of the bride outfit. 

Top Tips for Mother of the Bride Outfit Shopping

Talk to The Bride

Simple, yet effective. If you’ve not done it yet, sit down and have a coffee with your daughter as your first point of call. She probably has an idea of how she’d like you to look on the day and she might give you some ideas to start your search. 

Now would be a great time to flick through Pinterest or magazines together to get on the same page. 

Choosing Your Colours

Coordinating your colours - but not matching - with the bridal party will help you to choose something that looks best in the wedding photos.

You don’t want to match the bridesmaids but you’ll want to steer away from clashing with them if you’ll all be stood together in the majority of photos.

Don’t Dive In

It’s easy to get carried away with shopping for a mother of bride outfit as soon as your daughter gives you the news. But it’s always best to wait it out for a couple more details as the wedding planning commences.

Waiting for invites, the confirmed venue and time of year will give you the info you need to get the look right and avoid shopping regret later.

Compare Notes with The Mother of the Groom

Even if you want your outfit to be a surprise, make sure you compare notes with the mother of the groom to make sure you’ve not gone too similar. Or better still why not go shopping together?

Letting them know your outfit’s brand will ensure they don’t turn up in the same look. Colours and general style details will give them plenty to work with when choosing their own outfit.

When you’re ready to start shopping for your mother of the bride outfits, you’ll find a plethora of options to choose from. These might include:

  • Mother of the bride two-piece outfit

    Two pieces can be flattering and comfortable and are a chic choice for many mums and wedding guests alike. Adding a coordinating jacket to your dress gives you the option of extra coverage with the ability to show off a little more skin later in the evening.

  • Mother of the bride evening dress

    Not just for night time, an evening dress is an elegant choice for a wedding. This works particularly well for a formal or black-tie wedding.

  • Mother of the bride jumpsuit

    Looking for the perfect mother of the bride dress alternative? More and more wedding guests are opting for effortlessly chic and flattering jumpsuits for a contemporary look. Pair yours with the right accessories and a statement headpiece and a jumpsuit can be just as formal as any dress and jacket combination.

  • Mother of the bride cocktail dress

    If you don’t like the idea of opting for full-length, a cocktail dress is a perfect choice. Why not choose something with a touch of sparkle to make your look feel extra special?

The most important thing to note about choosing your mother of the bride outfit is to remember to enjoy the process. Choose something you will feel comfortable and confident in all day and you can’t lose. Browse our latest mother of the bride dresses and outfits and begin to discover the styles that will work for your daughter’s special day.