Every mum wants to look and feel great for their daughter or sons wedding. With so much planning that goes into a wedding around the look, colours and themes it's no wonder that finding the right outfit can seem a bit daunting.

Of course at the back of every mothers mind as they reach this stage of their family life is the image of a 1970's or '80's picture of a mother of the bride, often referred to as 'the queen mum look'. Not wanting to look like that is one of the common things we hear when we first talk to customers in the boutique, that and not wanting to look frumpy. So finding the right outfit that makes you feel modern is a criteria we more often than not encounter.

Now modern can mean different things to different people. The dictionary says 'relating to the present or recent times' but like many things it's all down to interpretation.

Hanger appeal

When you're shopping for your outfit one thing above all stands true, and that's be open minded. Often outfits can misrepresent themselves on the hanger and need body shape to bring them to life. After all the years we have lost count how many times ladies have tried on outfits on recommendation to discover a look that they love but would never have chosen from the hanger appeal.

It's all about the style

With hundreds of outfits on websites, Instagram, Pinterest and more it's no wonder that it all blurs into one after a while. Choosing 'the' style can be influenced by so many criteria so again be open minded about it. Try styles that are out of your comfort zone and a bit different to what you normally wear, you may well be pleasantly surprised. As well as dresses elegant trouser suits for weddings are now also on offer.

You may like the classic and elegant look of Condici Mother Of The Bride with it's neat tailoring and matching head wear, or the feminine styles of Linea Raffaelli with European influences and luxurious fabric.

In the changing room

When you browse the styles decide on what modern means to you and try different types of styles. Even if it's just to discount them it all helps to narrow down the selection till you find the one that makes you feel amazing. Jacket or no jacket, sleeves or no sleeves, try it and see what it looks like in the mirror.