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How to accessorise your evening dress

Many evening dresses don’t come with sleeves though some designers are finally listening to the needs of women and offering a few styles with arm cover.

A good trick to get over the bare arm problem is to use a pashmina or sparkly scarf. Get one that is long enough to put through the arms and tie at the back to create a shrug that won’t slip off.

Evening jackets can work well too. Boleros in different colours can jazz up a black dress without hiding too much dress detail.

How much jewellery you wear depends on your evening dress. A simple, black evening dress can be transformed into a stunning gown with the right diamanté necklace and earrings.

If your dress has lots of detail around the neck area, don’t gild the lily. Just go for an amazing pair of earrings. Dangly styles are great if you are going to wear your hair up.

You’ll need a handbag for your essentials. So often a gorgeous frock is ruined by being worn alongside a tired old handbag. Clutch is the traditional evening bag style but there are lots of modern shapes now – barrel, envelope and vintage. You can use handbags to inject colour into your overall look. A black dress can look fab with a red handbag and red heels for instance.

Warning: If your evening dress is silk or a fine fabric, avoid a handbag with lots of bling on it as this may catch on the dress.