The mother of the groom’s outfit is one of the most important dresses you’ll ever choose.

So, if your son is engaged to be married and you’re on the hunt for the perfect outfit, today we’re talking all about colour.

We’ve recently taken a look at the difference between mother of the bride and mother of the groom dresses. In this blog, we outlined a few of the modern mother of the groom outfit etiquette tips.

From making sure you keep communication up with the mother of the bride to checking your choice with the bride, there’s a couple of things you can do to make sure you look great. And keep everyone else in the bridal party happy too.

But what colour should the groom’s mother wear?

An important question no matter what you plan to wear. Or how formal the wedding.

Here are our top tips on how to choose which colour to wear as the mother of the groom.

Coordinate With The Mother Of The Bride

The mother of the bride will most likely be encouraged to coordinate but not match with the bridesmaid’s colour palette. The advice is similar for a mother of the groom.

Although you want to coordinate with the bridesmaids so that you don’t clash colours in the photography, you definitely don’t want to choose anything too similar either.

To make sure you get it just right, allow the bride and bridesmaids some time to get clear on the colour palette they’ll be wearing. Once this is decided, it will be easier for you to choose something that works next to it.

Wear Prints To A Wedding

Prints are a perfect choice for weddings of all kinds. And the perfect option for a mother of the groom outfit.

From beautiful summery floral prints to statement abstract or classic prints, such as polka dots, it’s a great way to choose something unique.

If the bride would like you to coordinate with the bridesmaids, as we mentioned above, you could choose a print that works this colour in. Making sure your mother of the groom dress is different enough to the bridesmaids.

Pastel Palettes For Weddings

Pastel colour palettes always tend to work well for weddings. Plus, they’re very on-trend for 2020.

Whether you go for soft pinks and blues or this season’s pastel green, these soft and feminine shades give you an elegant mother of the groom outfit.

Plus, these colours tend to work beautifully with most other colours so you have less chance of finding a clash.

Style Tip – Traditionally, light cream and black are avoided by mothers of the bride and groom. However, today, this can often be an elegant choice. If you’re considering opting for a very light hue or black, it might be worth running it by the bride to make sure she’s happy with your selection.

The earlier you can start browsing for your mother of the groom outfit, the better. With a huge range of options, it’s best to start early so that you can start to narrow down the cuts, fabrics and colours that work best for you.

For more mother of the groom dress inspiration, browse the collections at Fab Frocks. If you need extra help when it comes to coordinating with the bridal party colour palette, just drop us an email. We’d love to help make some suggestions.