When it comes to your daughter’s wedding, there is lots to consider. No doubt you’ll be helping her with her dress and you will be helping to choose the venue and picking out flowers and invites too. 

But at some point, you’ll also need to consider your own mother of the bride outfit.

Which style, shape, length, fabric. And sometimes the most difficult factor to choose – colour. 

So, if you’re at the stage of wondering, what colour should a mother of the bride dress be? This collection of style tips should come in handy.

Co-Ordinate With The Bridesmaids

One of the first colour palettes that the bride will choose is the bridesmaid dresses. This will work in line with the flowers, possibly the invites and many other factors on the big day. The bridesmaid dresses are usually a key colour when it comes to the wedding.

Once the bridesmaid dresses have been selected, you can use this choice to help decide which colour is best for the mother of the bride.

Your mother of the bride dress should coordinate with the bridesmaids – but not match.

So, if the bridesmaids were in green, you might select another shade of green that works in coordination with theirs. You don’t want to match and you don’t want to clash. Something that works purposely is perfect.


Neutral colours are often an elegant and stylish choice for a mother of the bride outfit. Soft skin tones, minimal monochromes and light pastels all fit into this neutral category.

This way, the mother of the bride outfit tends to sit well in photographs, working with most other palettes.  


If you don’t like the idea of wearing one solid head to toe colour, choosing a print can be a modern yet still formal way to go for a mother of the bride outfit.

Depending on the time of year, choose between full-length maxi dresses or voluminous tea dresses. This can be a great way to add a pop of colour to your wedding guest outfit without opting for a top to bottom hue.

When it comes to pairing accessories with print mother of the bride dresses, keep it simple. You don’t want the accessories to clash with the print.

Try a minimal matching fascinator and a coordinating clutch with nude heels.


Fancy a touch of sparkle for your daughter’s big day? Why not.

Whether she’s having a romantic evening wedding or a formal daytime ‘do, some sequins or beadwork can be the perfect choice for a mother of the bride dress.

If the wedding is not in the evening, consider choosing something with beadwork through the bodice rather than head to toe. And if opting for something super sparkly, keep accessories simple and chic for a polished and elegant completed look.

When it comes to style etiquette for a mother of the bride dress, we’ve laid out our top tips in our recent blog. Browse the latest mother of the bride outfits in this season’s new collection at Fab Frocks for more inspiration.