So you’ve made your mum the happiest mum in the world by setting your wedding date. But you may also have, inadvertently, filled her with panic about what mother of the bride outfit she will wear on the big day!

Mums are worriers. That’s part of our job. In the 20 years we have been helping mothers of the bride and groom find their outfit, there’s something about this VIP role (very important parent) that makes even the most confident of women feel under pressure.

All eyes on them after the bride – that kind of message can send even the calmest of our mothers into overdrive!

So go easy on your mum.

There’s some stunning occasion-wear available now. On-trend labels like Linea Raffaelli, Carla Ruiz, Couture Club, Veni Infantino and Luis Civit are perfect for younger mums (in age and spirit) who don’t like to look mumsie.

For a more classic and sophisticated style, Condici mother of the bride is a winner. There’s some great plus-size collections for the fuller-figured – Dressed Up by Veromia for instance.

Mums come in all shapes and sizes so let’s celebrate that!

Top tips – shopping for mother of the bride and groom outfits

The most stressful shopping experiences are when an entourage of “experts” – bride, best friend, sister, even husband – join the mother of the bride to give their opinions. I had one poor woman trying to please eight friends she bought along to “help” her! It ends up in confusion for the person trying to find an outfit that is right for them, not to mention some ugly disagreements.

The mother and daughter girlie day out shopping is wonderful if you have that sort of relationship with your mum but try to leave it at that. Two’s company….. or maybe three if you can encourage dad along too.

If the idea of shopping with your mum makes you break out into a cold sweat, leave your mum to choose for herself. With FaceTime and WhatApp, long-distance approval is easy.

My top tip for being a perfect bride rather than a Bridezilla. Try to resist dictating about what your mum should and shouldn’t wear. You’ve probably never taken an interest before and she’s a grown woman who can make her own decisions.

Of course, discuss your colour themes and thoughts but the bottom line is that your mum not only needs to look amazing on your big day but also feel comfortable and confident.

Yes, I’m all for getting her out of her comfort zone so she looks truly special but forcing her to wear an outfit you like but she doesn’t is a recipe for disaster. She’ll be spotted grimacing in the wedding photos for years to come. We all know mums don’t hide their feelings that well.

You’ve chosen your dream dress. Now it’s her turn.