I am finding that mothers of the groom who come into my boutique seem to want to play second fiddle to the mothers of the bride. I know there is the etiquette of the mother of the bride choosing her outfit first. However, mothers of the groom are just as important. Let’s face it, without their son, there is no wedding!

I had a lovely mother of the groom in this week who actually bought her son with her. He was so keen to make his mum feel included in all the wedding planning. This was her only son and she had no daughters. For her this was it! Her chance to shine and make her son really proud. She opted for a stunning Veni Infantino outfit. It complemented the mother of the bride’s outfit and the bride was delighted that it worked with her wedding theme too.

Top tips for mothers of the groom

  1. Do ask the mother of the bride what she is thinking of wearing. It is worth finding out what colours she may be thinking of choosing. Don't start off on the wrong foot, steer clear of these.

  2. Etiquette dictates that a mother of the groom should buy her outfit after the mum of the bride has chosen hers. This can be difficult and cause tensions. A discussion to make sure you are not likely to clash should be enough to give mothers of the groom the go-ahead to shop when they want to.

  3. You need to find an occasion wear outfit that is right for you. Just because the mother of the bride may opt for a dress and jacket, that doesn’t mean you have to. You may be happier in a gorgeous standalone dress with sleeves that doesn’t need a jacket. The last thing you want is to look like twins!

  4. If the mother of the bride decides not to wear a hat or headpiece, it doesn’t mean you don’t have to. There will be other guests with head gear so you will not look out of place.

  5. You are as important as the mother of the bride whatever anyone says. Why would your son not want you to look as stunning as the other mother?