We’ve all been there I’m sure. Monday morning has sneaked up far too quickly. All those good intentions to get the chores out of the way on Sunday didn’t happen. Your day still sits in a mountain of ironing you ditched last night in favour of Poldark. And it would seem every pair of tights you own have pulled even more times than heartthrob Aidan Turner!

Days like this I’m not ashamed to say bring out the Diva in me. And I know I’m in good company. TV presenter Susanna Reid and weather presenter Carol Kirkwood also have a Diva side to them.

A day dress to help get your working day right

The Diva I’m talking about is a range of fabulous day dresses. Designed and made in the UK, they are body-con styling. Many have short or three-quarter length sleeves. They’ve also got clever ruching across the middle to hide your tummy. The choice of colours and patterns is amazing too. There’s everything from lime green (like the one Carol is wearing above) to russet red or vintage floral prints.

Better still, they never need ironing, can be machine washed and are so easy to wear.

Loads of female celebrities are loving these dresses. Nigella Lawson, Louise Minchin, Carol Vordeman, Ruth Langsford and Amanda Redman to name drop a few. And of course the lovely Carol K. Let’s face it, if you’re presenting the weather at some ungodly hour in the morning, you don’t want to have to worry about what you’re going to wear do you? If it’s good enough for them in their high profile workplaces, then it’s perfect for me in my more humble one.

The price point is brilliant too – starting at £95.

I threw one on this morning, teamed it with a pair of boots (noone needs to know I have un-matching socks hidden underneath) and glammed it up with a statement necklace. A matter of moments and I’m ready. Look out Monday. I’m unleashing the Diva in me!

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