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Mastering the dress - Veni Infantino 2020

When it comes to wearing a dress on it's own there is little else but the style to make or break the look. Leading UK special occasion designer Veni Infantino has certainly cracked it for Spring 2020 with their fantastic collection of dresses.

A growing trend over the last few years has seen calf or midi length styles become a popular choice for mothers of the bride and groom who don't want a jacket or bolero for the big day. Wedding venues vary so much now that wearing a two-piece style sometimes isn't suitable and a dress on it's own can certainly have just as much impact.

Accessorising your dress

Wearing a dress on it's own isn't the end of the story though. How you accessorise the style can make a big difference for those all important wedding photos. I always think that the absence of a jacket or bolero allows you to be more dramatic with your accessories, so why not be more adventurous and step out of your comfort zone with a hat or hatinator? You'll see from the pictures of the Veni Infantino dresses they certainly take this on-board through featuring some incredible, some of which are maybe a step too far for the average mother but do make my point.

Of course it doesn't stop with headwear, at the other extreme you have your shoes too and our mothers continue to love the ever-popular Rainbow Club occasion shoes that can be dyed to match or contrast your dress. With handbags available too, it really does give you the option play with colours to create your own individual look.

So when you are looking for your mother of the bride or mother of the groom outfits think about your venue and whether a standalone special occasion dress would tick the boxes for the wedding.