We have to admit the biggest thing we look forward to in the Autumn season is the sparkle and glitter of the evening and cocktail dresses in the boutique. The last of our deliveries have just arrived and the parties are just around the corner.

Now when we talk about evening wear of course we mean dresses, but two years ago we stepped out of our comfort zone and started stocking Atom Label, a range of simple, yet oh so flattering, jersey styles with the Carbon Jumpsuit at the top of the bestsellers list. It's fair to so that we have never looked back and the reaction from our customers says it all.

Today saw the Autumn delivery arrive along with a party twist on Carbon style featuring a top transformed with black sparkle fabric into an party must-have.

Now if you've never discovered the Carbon style then you are certainly missing out. The times we have heard customers say they don't like jumpsuits, well that is until they try one of these on. It's almost like a resurrection of the Spanx phenomena! With ruching in all the right places and a style that can be worn on the shoulder, one shoulder, or off the shoulder, this truly is the ultimate in versatility for your party wardrobe.

So if you have a party invite don't discount a jumpsuit, you really have to try one! And if you don't want the sparkle they also come in plain jersey too.

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