When you’re preparing to attend a wedding, it’s not just your dress you need to think about but also the accessories that are going to complete your wedding guest outfit to perfection.From deciding on headwear to choosing just the right pair of shoes, here we look at how to perfectly accessorise to make the most of your overall wedding look.

Firstly, Get the Outfit Right

Choosing the perfect wedding guest outfit will depend on several things, such as time of year, venue, and formality of the service and reception. Alongside this, you’ll need to consider the styles that suit your shape and the colours that work best with your skin tone.

No matter how tempting, try to choose your outfit first rather than falling in love with a hat or pair of shoes that you then need to work with. This can make things much more difficult.

A couple of things to avoid for your wedding guest outfit:

  • White or ivory - Goes without saying really, just avoid!
  • Dresses too plunging - Elegance is key for wedding looks and necklines that are too plunging can draw a little too much attention.
  • Matching with the bridesmaids - Check on the bridesmaid and floral colour schemes with the bride or the maid of honour to ensure you don’t turn up matching the bridal party!

Accessories for The Perfect Wedding Guest Outfit

Once you’ve nailed your wedding look and you’re totally happy with it, you can really start to have some fun with your accessories. Depending on the look you’ve decided to opt for, accessorising is always different. If you’ve chosen a very simple dress or special occasion set, you might want to transform it with printed or heavily detailed accessories. Similarly, if you’re outfit is lace, embellished or printed, you’ll most likely want to opt for simple, elegant accessories.

For the sake of wanting to help everyone if we can skip to either the simple outfit or the detailed outfit for some tips on how best to accessorise.

Accessorising A Simple Outfit


It’s great to have fun with a headpiece and next to a simple outfit, it can look fabulous. Choose either perfectly matching or opposite colourings when selecting headwear and use the opportunity to really have some fun with it.

Shoes & Bag

Clutches are always elegant for weddings and the most important thing about shoes is to ensure you’ve worn them plenty to ensure they don’t hurt your feet and ruin your day. If your look is simple, why not add sparkle or even a contemporary print through your shoes or bag (or both!).


If you don’t decide to wear a hat or fascinator, this is the perfect opportunity to make a statement with jewellery. Statement earrings are a modern way to add sparkle without a necklace and it also creates a little drama at the hairline without the need for a hat.

Accessorising A Detailed Outfit


If your outfit is incredibly detailed, stick to headwear with simple, elegant lines and not too much fuss. Pick out a soft colour from within your outfit’s palette and match your hat or fascinator to this hue.

Shoes & Bag

If your outfit is very detailed, a barely-there sandal will elongate the legs without stealing attention from your look. A simple clutch adds a touch of elegance.


Keep jewellery chic and small. Here, a pair of elegant studs will set your hair and makeup off without taking away focus from the outfit.

Make It Your Own

Remember, your outfit is yours and you need to inject your own personal style into your look. So, although we’ve provided a little guidance to ease you into your shopping, our rules are never steadfast and if you want to pair print with print, you can! If you want to add sparkle to lace, why not?

Always keep in mind when choosing a wedding guest outfit that these pictures might end up in your family or friend’s house for years, so remember to try to choose something elegant, timeless and chic and you’ll love your outfit for years to come.

Start your wedding outfit shopping with our special occasions range and remember to check back with the blog for all of our favourite styling tips and tricks.