Pinch, punch first day of the month and all that! October’s here. Or Frocktober as we love to call it.  It’s time for winter weddings. That can mean a thick vest to some mothers of the bride and frock coats to others.

It’s without a doubt trickier to find an outfit for a winter event. You have to consider the chill factor as well as the fashion stakes. Standing, with teeth chattering and your body shivering reduces your glamorous look somewhat.

That’s where a frock coat and matching dress can really fit the bill. The frock coat gives you more cover and can be of a heavier fabric.

Frock coats are certainly back in vogue thanks to the Duchess of Cambridge who is helping bring occasionwear into the 21st century.

And let’s face it she does her fair share of standing on cold and windy parade grounds so she should know!

Your winter wedding frock coats fact file

The key to a frock coat looking good is the way it’s shaped.

Long lines can help to elongate your body.

Lots of fabric can swamp you so be careful if you have a petite frame.

A nipped in waistline or belt can help to flatter you at the middle but make sure it sits in the right place or it can look over-bulky.

The length of a frock coat is crucial.

A really long frock coat can drown you and make you look shorter than you actually are.

If you’re blessed with height, a frock coat that is too short will make you look gangley.

Bear in mind length can be altered on coat hems fairly easily so this should help you to get the proportion and balance of the look just right for your figure.

The frock coat doesn’t have to be longer than the dress. Seeing a bit of the dress detail below the coat looks very attractive.

Remember after the event, a frock coat worn with jeans or smart trousers can look amazing.