At home, the log burner is on. At the shop, the Christmas window is giving us some sparkly style. And totally out of sync with the season we are in, our Spring/Summer 2020 Condici mother of the bride and mother of the groom collection is arriving.

Don’t get us wrong. Even though our body clock is now in complete confusion, We are so pleased to have these gorgeous outfits delivered early. It is so exciting to see the fresh baby blue combinations and the delicate pink colours.

If you are on the hunt for an outfit for your daughter or son’s wedding, you are no doubt discovering it doesn’t work like normal clothing. Most of us want to get our outfit at least a few months before the wedding date. Some of us prefer to get it ticked off the list even earlier, if for no other reason than to silence all those people asking ‘what are you going to wear?’

That’s why we make sure we get early deliveries so we have a choice of Spring/Summer outfits in the depths of winter.

Condici – Celebrate The Fit

This designer is our star if you want sophistication and style. It is so easy to wear and extremely flattering. You can be in it from 7am to 7pm, running around looking after brides, bridesmaids and husbands, and still be crease-free and comfortable.

We don’t know how they do it – but think it is something to do with the clever layering – that also helps you actually look a size smaller. Not surprising then that our customers love it.

This UK designer seems to suit women of all shapes and sizes. We make sure we have a choice of styles in 6 to 24 as the fit is so good. Yes! for the first time ever we are now stocking size 6 mother of the bride.

There are sleeves in many of the dresses to cover your arms and if you are not a fan of lots of structure and padding, these styles have a great cut and fit without any restrictive fabrics.

So ignore the fact that the clocks will go back soon and it is getting colder. Warm yourself up with thoughts of those lovely Spring/Summer events and what you will be wearing to them.

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