We have definitely been good girls here at Fab Frocks. There are so many treats arriving for us ahead of Christmas. Today brings us two huge boxes and in them the start of our Zeila 2017 collection of mother of the bride outfits from Spain.

So good to see the gorgeous soft colourways and stunning floral prints, cheering us up no end in this chilly weather.

Sometimes there are real perks to owning a fashion boutique. Take last summer for instance. I was lucky enough to be flown out, courtesy of Zeila,  to choose these outfits at a gorgeous hotel in Murcia. Along with a great party by a fabulous swimming pool, ( it is a hard life this fashion business! ), it was an amazing buying experience.

In the summer sunshine, you could view the collections as they should be seen. Not in a draughty exhibition hall in Birmingham! Imagine the Terracotta Warriors row upon row. With every style featured on its own mannequin, there were hundreds of motionless mother of the brides. All of them glamorously standing to attention.

Zeila – fashionable and formal

Zeila is one of the first Spanish labels I ever stocked. Eight years on, it is now one of our bestsellers. This is testament to the brilliant UK agent and talented Spanish design team who are always happy to listen.

I give them feedback from my customers. I see it as my duty as I have their ear and the chance to change things to make my customers happy.

Women want more choice of dresses with sleeves. They now have it, especially with the beautiful standalone dresses that need no jacket.

There are also lots of requests for softer lines and softer fabrics. The 2017 collection is offering some beautifully fluid styles. For instance, the jackets are less structured and dresses fall softly without restrictive boning.

The overall result is outfits that are easier and more comfortable to wear for women of all shapes and sizes. Most importantly, however, there is no compromise on the fashionable design. Yes you can now do formal and fashionable!

The company are even considering my appeal to use more mature models who are a more appropriate age to model mother of the bride outfits. Watch this space!