Vintage evening dresses and retro cocktail dresses are having a renaissance this winter season. As the clocks turn back, so does fashion. More women are seeking to replicate styles from the past. We are even getting prom girls in on the hunt for a dress that captures the glamour of that bygone era. Everyone seems inspired by the glorious fashions from films like the ‘Great Gatsby’ and the hit TV series ‘Downton Abbey’.

In my opinion, you can’t get better than a vintage-inspired look for a modern woman. It combines the elegance of the 1930’s with the confidence of the twenty first century.

Beware though! Vintage has become overused. I am often disappointed at vintage markets. Stalls declaring vintage dresses can be just an excuse to get rid of old tat that you wouldn’t look twice at in a car boot sale.

Vintage evening dresses – go back in fashion but stay on-trend

Vintage-inspired dresses are great as they combine on-trend fabrics with vintage style. And vintage doesn’t have to mean A-line 1950’s. Don’t get me wrong. The rock and roll dress with all its frilly underskirts is a fabulous look but there are other great eras of fashion. Think tassels from the roaring 20’s, the art deco glamour of the 1930’s.

The great thing about vintage styled evening dresses is that more often than not they have all those things we women want in a dress. Many have long sleeves which is such a bonus for hiding those bingo wings. Women knew how to dress elegantly and sleeves were essential to most designs. I am pleased to say they are coming back into occasion wear now with more designers realising just how important arm cover is!

The shift dresses of the flapper girls is very flattering to wear. Our tassel dress by Frank Lyman is amazing – all the tassels hide a multitude of sins and I’ve sold it to customers from 20 years old to 70 in sizes small to XL.

Same goes for the dress featured above. Our younger customers are adoring the look and our mature ladies are adoring the sleeves and great shaping.

So don’t think vintage just for fancy dress and revival days. Get back in fashion by going back in fashion.