Veni Infantino is one of our best-selling mother of the bride and groom collections. And if you haven’t discovered this amazing designer yet – you are in for a treat! We are pleased to say that the spring/summer 2019 collection is now all in stock and already selling fast.

Veni got her passion for fashion from her Italian grandmother. And this designer is really helping to inject fashionable updates into occasionwear. It is Veni we must thank for bringing the frock coat back into fashion. Her tailored coats with neat lapels and delicate trim work so well on women of all shapes and sizes. If you are a fan of quiet colours and understated tones, the colour palette this season from Veni will certainly appeal. Take a look and you will see there is a choice of taupes, nudes, soft blushes and navy. What’s more, you will find these are fabulous colours to complement most wedding themes. The other great thing about these tones is they set off ivory or cream wedding dresses perfectly. After all, it’s important to keep the bride happy when you choose your mother of the bride outfit isn’t it!

Veni Infantino – five reasons why we love this designer

1 Most Veni outfits are beautifully boned or have bust support. This gives great shape and allows you to go without a bra if you wish.

2 Veni never forgets that your back is as important as your front. Just think about how long you spend at a wedding with your back to people during the service. A lot of her dresses feature beautiful faux button detail. This not only looks fabulous but is a lovely nod to many wedding dresses that feature this style. This gives mothers of the bride a chance to tie in with the look of their daughter’s gown perfectly.

3 From your back to your front! You also spend a lot of time sitting down at a wedding. Remember, on the top table, it’s all eyes on you. Therefore, it’s important to have pretty or interesting detail on the top of your dress. Thankfully, Veni is an expert in designing dresses with stunning neck detail using lace, beadwork and netting. Some even look like you are wearing a necklace but it is part of the dress.

4 Length is great. All Veni dresses sit on the knee and many are below the knee with some fabulous midi-length dresses in stock this season. These are a perfect choice if you prefer to show less leg.

5 Many of the dresses have sleeves. These range from cap sleeves to beautiful full-length lace sleeves. So, the good news is you have no need to worry about showing your arms if you prefer not to.