I adore this time of year – the trees are turning such stunning colours. Maybe the autumn appeals to me so much because it reflects all my best colours when it comes to clothes.  If I am wearing coloured dresses, I always go for something in reds, oranges, browns or greens.

These are my “star” colours. The colours that suit me best. Whenever I wear green or especially orange, I get loads of compliments. “You look really well.” Even better is my favourite ” You look younger.”

I did an experiment on this basis.  Wearing a black dress, I  got someone who didn’t know me to guess my age. Early 50’s came the answer. I then got them to guess with me in an orange dress. About 42 came the response. I’m 49! If something as easy as a colour can give me 7 years youth, that’s worth paying attention to in my book.

Coloured dresses – get to know your best colours

I know some women say they can wear any colour but I don’t agree. Helping them find their outfit in my shop, I can see when a certain colour makes their skin tone look brighter. The right colour can also highlight their eyes beautifully.

Those customers who have been colour-coded come in with their colour booklets and shopping is so much easier for them. They can check their star colours against our collections quickly. We can  dismiss what is not right and hone in on the right tones to get them looking amazing.

Believe me, having my colours done by a professional colour analysist is the best £130 I spent. Before this, I wore baby pinks and black which washed me out. Then the resounding feedback was: ‘You look tired’. Not so complimentary.

I would urge any woman to consider having a colour analysis session, especially if you are going to make a significant purchase like a mother of the bride outfit.

We believe in it so strongly that next week we are sending another member of our staff to be professionally colour-coded. She can benefit from it herself and help others by understanding the key to the best colours.

In the wise words of Coco Chanel ‘ The best colour in the world is the one that looks good on you.’