By day we may be pulling on our winter vest. But by night, it’s time to whip it off and get that back out on show. Low back evening dresses are in for the party season. So, if you want three hundred and sixty degree wow factor, go for the low-backed look.

Our customers are loving the latest City Goddess collection. These dresses not only look great but are also brilliant value for money at £80 for a full-length gown. Some styles feature cut-out backs, others the soft drape of cowl backs and others go for full-on low as you can go.

Pia Michi are another evening wear designer who specialise in great low-back and backless dresses ideal for those red-carpet moments.

For those of us not blessed with sculpted shoulder blades and flawless skin, there are thankfully other options.  Lots of dresses now have amazing back factor without revealing all your back. The Tiffanys Illusion evening dress collection do this beautifully. Check out their Demelza dress which has a back draped with pearls and sequin detail. It’s absolutely stunning.

The clever use of skin-toned netting which is then embellished with jewels and sequins gives the effect of your back being sprinkled with diamonds. Gorgeous for a  party or black-tie event.

The rules of wearing low back evening dresses

Let’s face it – you want people to be talking about your back rather than behind it!

Don’t wear a bra the day of the event – red strap marks across your back is not an attractive sight

Avoid builder’s back. If your dress is too tight, you’ll get that squidge! Go up a size.

Give your back some TLC a few days before your big event. Exfoliate and moisturise. This will help to get rid of blemishes and pep up your skin tone.

Go for a fake tan if it makes you feel better about revealing your flesh.

There you go – you can now make an exit as well as an entrance with glamour and style.