So excited to open a delivery today ( the box was so big I could move in to it!). Inside, this beautiful Cabotine occasion dress. This Cabotine style was a winner last year. I even had two ladies nearly come to blows over the last one we had!

So it is back for 2017!  And with added style. There is more detail in the lace work. This lace detail is also cleverly scalloped to flatter your waist and hips. The sleeves are slightly longer (to the elbow) this season too. So the good news is not only is it back for 2017, but also that it is even better than before!

Why this Cabotine occasion dress is a bestseller

When it comes to standalone occasion dresses, (dresses that do not need a jacket) I think this particular style ticks the wishlist for mothers of the bride.

The lace detail and high neck is so elegant. It gives sophisticated yet subtle interest when you sit down. Let’s face it, you spend a long time sitting down at a wedding, especially if you are at the top table.

The lace sleeves cover your arms elegantly without restricting movement so you can dance and raise that glass of champagne or two easily.

The ruched detail from the bust down means you get a figure-hugging look without the dress clinging to those places you don’t want it to cling to!

The dress is beautiful enough on its own – doing away with the need for any kind of jacket or even cover-up.

You will certainly be able to wear this dress again after the big day. It is perfect for the races and posh lunches. Team it with sparkly jewellery and earrings to transform it into a fabulous cocktail dress.

We have ordered more to avoid any frockticuffs but hurry – we don’t think they will stand alone in our boutique for very long!