Pia Michi seems to be the designer dress label everyone wants this season! Take a look at our Pia Michi page and you can quickly see why! The phone has not stopped with enquiries about the 2017 collection which is arriving now.

This stunning designer collection is all thanks to the creativity of  two fashion-obssessed sisters. These ladies know how to help when it comes to getting noticed for all the right reasons. This label has a huge celebrity following with Pia Michi gowns often seen at red carpet events and in OK magazine.

Why Pia Michi?

Pia Michi is not for the shrinking violet amongst us. Design is all about slinky silhouettes and amazing back detail.

Often the front of the dress is quite simple, perhaps with a high neck and embellished collar. That would be the only detail. Then turn around and you have a gorgeous low back trimmed with beadwork.

Flirty bows are also a Pia Michi trademark – placed cheekily on your bottom for even more back glamour.

The hemline is often wired so it bends around your feet which looks amazing in photographs. And don’t worry, you can still shorten the dress if you need too. The wiring simply comes out and can be put back in.

Colour is key when the design is slinky. It must be eye-catching or utterly feminine. Bold blues, reds and berry feature this year as well as vintage inspired peach and creams. This season sees some gorgeous print designs coming through which are perfect for summer parties and school proms. The floral look adds even more movie star glamour.

Some of our customers are buying Pia Michi gowns as alternative wedding dresses. They are a brilliant look for weddings abroad or civil weddings. And much less expensive than a normal wedding gown!