It has been a busy day of high low in the boutique today. I don’t mean high and low in mood swings. I mean high low dresses. These are proving the answer to those black tie dress code concerns.

Lots of customers in the shop today in search of their party dresses are struggling to decide whether to go short or long. Obviously, if the invitation specifies then it is not a problem. But now black tie has often come to mean you can do either. So, even more choice! Even more decisions to make!

The high points of high low dresses

A high low dress is shorter at the front and longer at the back. The other less flattering term is mullet – referring to the hair cut. Thankfully, the dresses are much more glamorous than this dreadful hair style!

A high low is the perfect answer if you want to feel glamorous without going full length. There is also the added bonus that if you have a great pair of shoes you want to show off,  you can flash that fancy footwear.

I also love that the floaty back of a high low helps to elongate your body. This makes you look taller and therefore slimmer. Can’t be bad! If you are a dancer, this floaty detail looks great when you hit the dance floor.

And when you do get to your event and find more people are in short than long, you won’t look over the top. Equally, it is certainly gorgeous enough that if more people go long, you won’t feel under dressed.

One dress that gives you the best of both worlds – evening and cocktail rolled in to one. Not to mention great value for money and greater wearability. That has to be a high point!