Shift dresses – you can’t really get more simple than this look yet it is a timeless classic. These dresses came into their own thanks to Audrey Hepburn’s iconic little black shift dress in ‘ Breakfast at Tiffany’s.’ It was designed by Hubert de Givenchy. He also dressed First Lady Jacqueline Kennedy who was a great fan of shift dresses.

Today women of all shapes and sizes find a shift dress a staple wardrobe must-have. They are so easy to wear and tend to suit most figures.

Shift dresses – style made simple

These dresses really come into their own in spring and summer. Often made of lightweight fabric such as cotton, they are cool and comfortable to wear. My customers find them perfect for any event – from work to wedding guest to summer holidays. Our Tina Taylor collection of shift dresses are ideal for spring and summer. I live in these dresses – wearing them to work. Then I just simply change my shoes from flatties to high heels and I am ready to go out for dinner.

This season, we are selling separate bolero jackets, so if you do need to dress your shift dresses up for weddings or more formal events, these jackets do the job perfectly.

Another great designer for easy-to-wear shift dresses is Michaela Louisa . There is a beautiful choice of patterns and floral prints ideal for wedding guests and mothers of the bride that want formal without being over the top.

Many people presume a shift dress has to be plain and boring. Not any more! Take a look at our Smashed Lemon shift dresses from Amsterdam and you will see what we mean. This collection is all about fun and funky prints with birds, tropical sunsets and even houses on the shift dress styles.

If you want style and easy-to-wear style – now is a really good time to shift over to shift dresses!