Phew! I’m sequinned out.  We could have given ‘Strictly’ a run on the sparkle stakes today. So many customers looking for sequin dresses.

The party season is definitely kicking in, though poor Cinders here is still yet to have an invite anywhere. Perhaps the now available Brad Pitt just hasn’t found my address yet? We can but dream!

Sequin dresses can be a timeless fashion statement. Who can ever forget that iconic scene in ‘Gentlemen Prefer Blondes’ when Jane Russell and Marilyn Monroe sashay in to the ballroom with Russell looking magnificent in her sequin halter-neck gown. That woman knew how to fill an evening dress!

Sequin dresses – the secrets of sparkle

Top to toe sparkle does demand confidence if you want to pull the look off. There’s no point buying a gorgeous, glitzy dress then hiding in a corner all night.

Bright red or cobalt blue sequin dresses look really festive or go for the ice maiden look. Silvers or aqua blues look amazing for winter wonderland themed parties. Think Elsa from ‘Frozen’.

If you’re after a more subtle sequin look, there’s a lot of rose gold around this season. This is a warm colour, very soft and sophisticated. A great alternative if you are not a fan of sequins in bold colours.

I had one lady ask me today if she was too old to wear sequins. Not under my glitter ball she’s not. You can never be too old to sparkle. Everything in moderation and all that. I kitted her out with a vintage-inspired Gina Bacconi dress in black that had a V-trim of gold sequins around the collar. She looked fabulous.

So if you don’t fancy full-on sequins, there’s some gorgeous evening dresses out there with just a touch of sparkle on the neckline, sleeves or middle like the Michaela Louisa one above.

Happy Glitzmas!