Retro dresses or vintage style dresses are making a real resurgence in occasion wear. This is great news as the 1950’s retro dress shape is so flattering to wear. The A-line shape is kind to most figures. For those without a waist, it creates one. If you are lucky enough to have a tiny waist, it accentuates this great asset. It hides big hips and bottoms too! No wonder this style has come back in fashion and looks here to stay.

In time for the party season, Veromia Occasions is introducing some stunning retro dress styles. These come in the most beautiful fabrics with netted underskirts underneath for full-on rock and roll glamour. These are ideal for Christmas parties and winter weddings. Easy to wear and so flattering, you can move in them easily and don’t have to spend the whole night breathing in. Yes, you can indulge in all those Christmas canapes!

Retro dresses – how to rock this look

The great thing about A-line styles is that they work on women of most sizes. I find my customers from size 8 to 18 and beyond can pull off this look. They flatter curves and hide your tummy.

If you are long in the body,  be careful to get the proportions right. Make sure the waistline of the dress sits on your waist and not higher. In the wrong place, you can end up looking over girly.

You can do the whole retro look if you fancy – hair in sweeps, seamed stockings. But be careful not to overdo it! You can end up looking like an extra in ‘Grease The Musical’ if you over-retro it!

I team my red and black retro dress with a great pair of red heels and a fabulous red underskirt that can be seen when I dance. ┬áThat’s just enough to pull the whole look together. I always feel extremely glamorous and feminine when I wear retro dresses. And I always seem to have a great time when I wear them. For once, I don’t mind the past catching up on me!