You have to go a long way to beat the festive appeal of red dresses.  Red is bright, cheerful and of course, a colour that we all associate with Santa. We know he looks great in this colour but can it work for everyone? I truly believe it can.  I get a lot of customers in to our boutique who believe they cannot wear red. But, after trying on different shades, we always manage to find a shade of red that suits them.

And that is the key – getting the right red as Sandra Attrill, expert colour analysist explains: “The red that works well for everyone is a true red. By that, I mean not too much yellow in it or too much blue. If you are a warm skin tone you will look fabulous in a brick red or geranium red, which contain more yellow pigment. For those with a cool skin tone, they will look amazing in a more blue-toned red such as carmine, scarlet or cherry. Getting the right red shade of lipstick is also key to finishing your look.”

Red dresses – how to make this colour work for you

Red dresses are in vogue at this time of year. Invest in an evening dress or cocktail dress  for the party season and I promise it will also take you through events all year round. A red dress in the height of summer set off with a honey tan can look amazing.

Wearing a red dress demands some confidence. You cannot be a retiring wallflower in a red dress because by the nature of this colour, you will stand out.  And stand out for the right reasons. I was the only women recently at a black-tie event in a red dress. In a sea of black evening dresses, I felt amazing. There was an event photographer who took so many photos of me because he said red is a great colour for photos and transposes well to newspaper and magazine print. That must be why so many celebrities opt for red for their red carpet moments! I certainly felt special in my red dress.

Red dresses look so great against the black of your partner’s dinner suit. Get him to wear a red bow tie and you will co-ordinate perfectly.

All that red dresses require is great lipstick as Sandra mentions above. You may prefer a more muted red or go for the on-trend blood red for full on pout power.

Why stop at red? Want to know more about Colour Analysis and how it can help find all the colours that are right for you? Then check out the House of Colour webpage for your nearest Consultant.