So today, Vogue magazine hits the newstands with real-life women as models or “nodels” as they’re known. Sadly it’s only for one issue! A token gesture for those of us who frequent the real world of fat thighs and less than flat tummies. Of course, we buy magazines because they’re aspirational. But now, those aspirations seem even further out of reach. Flick through pages with emaciated models staring out, barely 18. All wearing clothes that should appeal to a woman in her 40’s. How does that make me feel?

I’m probably on shaky ground here.  As someone who works in the fashion industry too. However, I’m always fighting the corner for real women to be seen in our magazines and on the runways and have been doing it since I opened my boutique.

Real mothers of the bride make the best models for occasionwear

Any fashion shows we do use ordinary women who range in age from 25 to 75. I always make sure I include a plus size model too.

In my world of occasionwear,  I often get feedback that the imagery of models wearing mothers of the bride outfits just doesn’t relate to women who are real mothers of the bride. Some of the models even look too young to be the bride!

Believe me, I have raised this point countless times with the mother of the bride designers we stock. We have no control over the models they choose but I will not give up banging on to them about how inappropriate and ineffective it is.

We’ve even done our own occasionwear photo shoots in the past using real women ( see photo). It’s good to know where Fab Frocks leads, Vogue magazine follows! As the fashion industry can’t seem to celebrate the 40 plus woman in its advertising and promotions, we’re already planning another occasionwear shoot featuring more mature women for our 2017 mother of the bride campaign.

So, I’m calling over 40’s women of any size and shape. Would you be interested in modelling for us? I’d love to hear from you.