Forget about a pot of gold at the end of the Rainbow. I have found comfort at the end of mine! All thanks to Rainbow Club Shoes. Last night I went to an evening wedding reception.  Lots of drinking of course…. and even more dancing. Now I have always been a lover of high heels. Even at 5ft 8 in my flats, I have no problem towering over my husband in five inch heels. Well, no problem in my mind thinking that. My feet, sadly,  think differently these days!

Age, that bug bear! And a nasty car crash that shattered one foot mean my killer heel days are over now . However, I did manage four and a half  inch heels last night thanks to the new Rainbow Club occasion wear shoes. These shoes have in-built padding to cushion the pressure points on your feet. And they really do work. At last fashionable and comfortable – can that be true?

Rainbow Club shoes – the secret in the insole

Rainbow Shoes are designed with occasions in mind. People tend to just assume they are for brides but no longer. Our customers are buying them for events such as race days, weddings and graduations.

The 2017 collection is arriving with us now and for the first time there is a huge choice of sparkly evening wear styles perfect for prom and black tie events like I went to last night. It is all thanks to top shoe designer Joanne Stoker. Mentored by Jimmy Choo, she knows all about fancy footwear.

There are also loads of styles designed with the mother of the bride in mind. Weddings are long days (and seem to be getting even longer)! The special padding in all the Rainbow Club shoe insoles stop your feet from drawing and cramping when you are standing or as in my case, dancing!

Kitten heels, court shoes and wedges all feature so wherever your event is taking place, there is a sensible or a high heel you can manage.

As well as style, getting the colour shoe you want is no problem. A majority of the styles can be hand dyed in any colour you wish. I recently went to see this hand dying done at Rainbow’s HQ in Exeter. Believe me, it is quite an art. The pair they let me loose on looked more like a weird piece of abstract art left out in the rain with all the dye runs and my cumbersome finger prints.

I guess I will just have to stick to wearing them rather than dying them!