I don’t think we have ever had so much sparkle in the shop. Christmas party dresses this season are all about sequins, glamour and glitz. And we have lots of it. We make Aladdin’s Cave look dull in comparison.

With only 13 sleeps to go until Christmas day, it is party dress panic time for most women.  Should I wear short? Should I go long? How dressed up will other people be? All these questions flood in as fast at the Christmas invites arrive.

Perhaps it is the ‘Strictly’ influence but I have never known so many customers wanting head-to-toe sparkle. It is great to see women wanting full on glamour. At last, the tradition of actually bothering to dress up for an office party and make an effort is back in vogue.

Party dresses that will get you under the mistletoe

This season we’ve managed to get gorgeous party dresses with sleeves that don’t look frumpy. We have also been able to compete with the high street in terms of our prices with short dresses with sleeves by Missi London from £35 and long sequin dresses at just £80 from City Goddess. Our office ladies are loving these as they know they won’t see loads of other women in the same dress like they would if they bought from the high street. That has to be the ultimate nightmare and is one of the reasons why I opened Fab Frocks after it happened to me!

Some of the shorter sequin party dresses are also perfect for doubling up as glamorous tops. Team them with jeans or smart evening trousers and they look great for a less dressy Christmas night out.

Even better still, all our party dresses are now available to buy online  so you don’t even have to face the pressure of coming out to shop, finding a parking space etc. We are open 24/7 and you can try on in the comfort of your own home. Now that has to help take some of the stress out of finding a Christmas dress for you.