This season seems to be all about the neckline. One shoulder dresses, cold-shoulder dresses, off-the-shoulder styles. You name it, exposing the shoulder is back in fashion. The celebs are working this look on the red carpet. On TV, for ‘Strictly’ presenters Tess Daly and Claudia Winkleman, it is all about showing a bit or a lot of shoulder. There are so many clever versions which make the top half of a dress worth talking about.

The good news is that shoulders are the one part of our bodies that don’t seem to age as quickly as the rest of us! Thankfully, you seldom get saggy shoulders or cellulite issues in this area of the anatomy. So don’t shrug your shoulders. Show them off instead.

One shoulder dresses – asymmetric can work

A one shoulder dress can be really flattering to your bust line and decolletage. I love our latest City Goddess collection of sequin dresses featuring one-shoulder style. The diagonal line of the cut allows you to show a bit of flesh without being over the top.

The other thing you will discover is that the asymmetry of a one shoulder dress can make you look slimmer. The diagonal line will give the effect of lengthening your body.

Avoid squidge at all times! Overflowing armpit flesh is not an attractive look. This can be avoided if the one shoulder dress sits properly over your bust and is not too tight!

You can often do away with the need for a necklace with a one shoulder dress. It can interrupt the look of the line of the dress. Instead why not go for a fabulous pair of chandelier earrings for your statement jewellery?

If you have long hair, why not complement the asymmetry with a hairstyle on the exposed shoulder side. A chignon bun or plait will frame a bare shoulder beautifully and help make you feel less exposed.

Do take your bra off a few hours before the event. Red bra straps on the exposed shoulder will reduce your glamour stakes.

A bit of bronzer or a fake tan will sexy up a shoulder ready for its moment of fame.