There’s a lot of talk lately about the mother of the bride “uniform”.  The classic look of a dress and jacket. For a lot of women this works beautifully, hence why it is so popular as a style. But some mums of the bride and groom are on the look out for occasion dresses. Ditching the jacket and going for a stunning standalone dress. 

There’s nothing wrong with that. In our boutique, we’ve worked hard to offer this option, hunting down designers who have created dresses that do their stuff without any need for a jacket.

There’ s no rule that says you have to wear a dress with a jacket to a wedding. This tradition or “uniform” goes back to the days of more formal church weddings where the jacket gave that vital cover-up. It was also often there to give you a bit of warmth in a draughty old building!

The right dress can have just as much wow factor as a dress and jacket. It can also work perfectly for a winter wedding that may have more of a cocktail dress theme.

Occasion dresses – no jacket required

Standalone or occasion dresses are a fabulous look and very in vogue. The only danger is that you can look like another wedding guest if you don’t get it right.  You need to choose a dress that is special enough. That doesn’t get you lost in the crowd. A dress that looks finished and formal enough without a jacket.

Think about the fabrics and detail on the dress. Luxury fabrics such as lace or intricate patterns will make the dress stand out on its own. Dresses with pretty embellishment such as sequins or fancy beadwork are also worth a look.  A designer that hits the standalone spot is Irresistible.  Our customers adore the beautiful button detail at the back of these dresses and the soft organza necklines.

Many designer occasion dresses have sleeves so if you worry about your arms – that problem is solved.

Accessorise your dress with a statement hat or headpiece to give it a wedding look. It will really help to elevate it to mother of the bride status.