We’ve all heard of blushing brides. But what about a blushing mum of the bride? I don’t mean red-faced and embarrassed. I mean beautiful in blush. Blush pink is such a popular colour for mums of the bride and mums of the groom.  Year round – whether the wedding is in the height of summer or the depths of winter, this colour looks classy and sophisticated. It is also neutral enough to not fight against most colour themes. Even better,  it will complement an ivory or champagne coloured wedding dress beautifully.

Mum of the bride – make me blush

Blush pink is a delicate colour that is extremely feminine. It is also a perfect colour choice if the wedding is vintage-themed. The soft tones have a bygone elegance to them that really works. Lace detail in blush pink special occasion outfits is soft and elegant too. Mums of the bride that visit my boutique love the gentle tones of blush pink and it seems to work with most hair colours. As a foil against the dark grey or navy suits of the men in the wedding party, it works really well too.   Spanish designers such as  Cabotine are majoring on blush pink with some beautiful choices for mums of the bride this season and for 2018.

Take a look at some of the gorgeous standalone dresses from another Spanish designer  Zeila. If you don’t want a jacket, these are perfect as they have sleeves to cover your arms. For winter weddings team them with a faux fur wrap in blush pink for a touch of retro glamour and some warmth.

And remember you don’t have to blush head to toe. Blush pink looks amazing teamed with a darker colour such as navy or grey. Introduce this with your accessories such as shoes, handbag and hat for a more statement finish.

Go blush and you’ll be smiling with joy and not in embarrassment!