It’s good news this spring for those of us who prefer to show less leg but still want to look stylish. Midi dresses are back in vogue for occasionwear and summer dresses. The definition of midi dresses is length halfway between the knee and ankle – so mid-calf.  Midi dresses also tend to be slightly A-line in shape. And don’t think you have to be model tall to pull this look off! There are tricks shorter women can employ to make midi dresses work for them.

Midi dresses are the perfect choice if you don’t like to show your legs. Many of my mother of the bride and mother of the groom customers go for this length as it covers varicose veins at the back of their legs. Leading occasionwear designer Condici is doing some stunning midi dresses with jackets perfect for mums of the bride. Take a look at styles such as Condici 70884 and 11322. These are floaty and pleated. They look so elegant and sit beautifully around the mid-calf length.

The midi dress length is also very prominent in occasionwear for wedding guests and events such as Royal Ascot. Veromia Occasions has created beautiful vintage-inspired dresses that sit mid-calf. These are so feminine and pretty to wear. You will find them ideal for summer events, wherever you may be going and they are a great price at £195.

Make midi dresses work for you

When you wear a longer length hemline, proportion is key. However,  it is not about where the hemline sits on your leg but actually about where the outfit sits on your waistline. If you get this bit right, the rest of the outfit will look in proportion for you. Be aware that if the waistline is sitting too low on your body, you will seem dragged down by the mid-calf length. If it is sitting too high, you can look a bit twee, especially if you are tall!

Shoe choice is key too – especially if you are not so tall. Go for elegant and high. Be warned – this look doesn’t work with flatties – you can look frumpy. If you struggle with high heels – a posh pair of court shoes will look good. Our customers are loving our Rainbow Club collection of shoes which have extra comfort padding in. Kind to your feet when you are standing or partying!

Another trick if you are not so tall is to go for midi dresses that nip you in at the waistline. Cinching in your waist with a pretty belt or waistline detail helps define proportions.

The A-line shape is also helpful too as it flatters your waist and is kind to your hips.

And bear in mind, you can always opt for a length slightly shorter than mid-calf. Just over the knee could work well. Another idea is to adjust your midi length with simple alterations to suit your personal leg length and shape.

One thing is for sure – your midi dresses don’t have to be mediocre! There are so many gorgeous print styles as well as more neutral shades this season so you will be spoilt for choice.