Maxi dresses can look amazing. But let’s face it, they can also look like you’ve slipped out in your nightie if you get the look wrong! So how do you maximise the maxi dress look and get it right this summer?

The do’s and don’ts of maxi dresses

Maxi dresses hail back to the 1960’s  – think flower power and boy did some of these dresses overload on over-the-top prints in garish colours.  Bright and colourful prints do work in this dress style but not for everyone. If you are a smaller frame, large flower prints will overpower you. Go for more delicate patterns. Our collection from City Goddess features some gorgeous prints and the prices are amazing at just £45.

Maxi dresses in plain colours can look smart but be careful. You won’t want to be mistaken for a bridesmaid if you wear one to a wedding! You are better off having some detail of pattern on the dress.

Some maxi dresses can have a lot of billowing fabric. Again be careful as you can look pregnant if there is too much fabric disguising the tummy area.

Thankfully, today’s modern maxi dresses are less voluminous in their cut. Some still incorporate the empire line to be kind to your waistline but clever pleating means you don’t look seven months pregnant!

Maxi dresses for posh occasions

Maxi dresses for special occasions now come with pretty necklines and bra-friendly straps so you can still wear a bra. Perfect if you are more of the busty type. Take a look at our featured dress from Veromia Occasions. This has a lovely plunge neckline with wide straps. The fresh cream and blue flower print is elegant without being over the top.  Not surprisingly, it is proving a real hit for weddings at home or abroad.

I also love the way some designers like Michaela Louisa have worked in the on-trend cold shoulder look in their maxi dresses this season (style 8439). This dress has been a real hit for summer weddings and even ticks the Royal Ascot dress code with its wide straps.

What to wear with your maxi dress can make the difference too. Wedges or pretty summer sandals look great if you want to wear it to a wedding. Flip flops are fine for your holiday look. But don’t wear high heels that make your dress to short. Maxi dresses are designed to be ankle grazers.

Designers also use cooler, lightweight fabrics so you will feel cool and comfy. This also makes packing your maxi dress selection for holidays easy. And even better, they rarely need ironing so you can max out on relaxing.