Like vintage wine getting better with age, it seems it is the same for mature brides.  Getting married again and tying the knot later  in life is back in vogue.  At the weekend I exhibited at Milton Abbey wedding show – a stunning house and abbey

venue in the heart of Dorset countryside. As well as meeting lots of lovely mothers of the bride on the look out for occasion wear, I also met a number of women in their late fifties upwards planning their own weddings.

For some it was second time around, for others the first. One gorgeous couple who had lost both their original partners are tying the knot at 70. How romantic is that! I had to get my tissues out.

Understandably, these women are all concerned with getting a dress or outfit that makes them feel like a bride but without it looking too young or over the top.

Mature brides – there are dresses out there for you

Many mother of the bride outfits can work brilliantly as alternative wedding dresses. Champagne or coffee and cream colours are classy and sophisticated. Dress Code offer a lot of choice in these colours and I have sold lots of their styles to mature brides.

A standalone dress that doesn’t require a jacket is also a really good option. These have sleeves to cover your arms elegantly and many like Irresistible have beautiful detailing down the back. Remember when you take your vows, it is all eyes on your back.

Whatever age you are getting wed, the same rules apply. Think about your venue and how your dress will look in that surrounding. If you are opting for a stately home, a more formal look will work. A stylish dress and jacket or a beautiful evening dress would suit such a setting.

But if it is a barn dance, you will want something you can do the dosey-doe in easily. Perhaps a flowing A-line dress  or beautiful layered look that won’t restrict your moves.

Remember mature doesn’t have to mean Miss Haversham!