If you are on the hunt for trendy occasionwear – take  a look at Linea Raffaelli.  Our customers are loving this exclusive Belgium designer. We want to offer younger mothers of the bride (in age or in spirit)  an on-trend look that is still smart and sophisticated. With this collection, I think we have done it!

Linea Raffaelli is all about clean lines, gorgeous fabrics and up-to-the-minute styling. A lot of the outfits are Chanel-inspired, taking a modern twist on a classic style.

I am finding they work particularly well on my more petite customers – the simplicity of the styling doesn’t overpower a smaller frame.


Look at Linea Raffaelli – modern looks for modern women

Linea Raffaelli is all about gorgeous fabrics. Taking inspiration from Chanel, the dresses and jackets have stunning gold threads and texture.

Low-waisted shift dresses (as above) feature this season which are extremely flattering. They are also fantastic to wear again for other social occasions once the wedding is over.

As well as the dresses, the detail on the jackets is absolutely stunning. Again,  the jackets look fab worn with jeans for a more casual look.

Although very modern, the outfits are not over-revealing thanks to high necklines.

Some dresses do have short sleeves or cap sleeves. Most are bra-friendly.

Bear in mind Linea sizing is very neat. Most of my customers are going up one or two sizes. It is just to do with the cut of the fabric, not you! And anyway – who needs to know the size label?!

If you are a fan of soft colours, then this is the collection for you. Gorgeous silver greys, soft blues, golds and navy feature this season.

So if you are a mother of the bride that wants a trendy look that still looks sophisticated and age-sppropriate – there is a designer out there for you! Take a look at Linea Raffaelli. I know you won’t be disappointed with the 2017 collection.