Maybe I’m just getting older but mothers of the bride and groom seem to be getting younger. Mind you, I think that about policemen too!  So with younger women needing modern occasionwear – Linea Raffaelli has come to our rescue. That’s not to say it is exclusively for them. Many mature women still,  quite rightly, want to look fashionable. Again, Linea Raffaelli offers the answers.

The Linea Raffaelli spring 2018 collection is arriving now. There are some fabulous occasionwear outfits that are formal yet fashionable. And if you like your soft colours, focus this season is very much on muted colour palettes.

Linea Raffaelli – on-trend occasionwear

From Belgium, Linea Raffaelli is all about simple lines, gorgeous fabrics and wonderful attention to detail. My customers are loving the low-waisted dresses teamed with neat little jackets. Dresses and jackets are trimmed with brocade or a touch of embroidery for a simple yet effective statement. If you are petite, the drop-waisted look works particularly well.

Frock coats with dresses also get a modern makeover under Linea Raffaelli. Some of the coats have bell-shaped sleeves which is very on-trend this season. And when you take the coat off, many of the dresses have sleeves so you can still keep your arms covered. The fabrics are so soft and luxurious, making you feel so comfortable and confident.

The inspiration of Chanel is never far from Linea.  Take a look at the lovely Chanel-inspired suits in soft pinks. There is also a striking black and white dress and jacket combination ideal for weddings and race days.

Bear in mind that Linea Raffaelli do cut neat so we find most of our customers go up one or two sizes to get the best fit. They also tend to sit just on the knee or slightly over.

So if you are looking for something a little different for your daughter or son’s wedding day, Linea Raffaelli may be the formal yet fashionable find!