Pink can be a tricky colour to pull off once you get over the age of about 16. Because it is has such strong associations with little girls, there can be a danger of looking over-girlie. Of course, that’s fine if you’re a sixteen year old prom girl wanting full-on Cinderella. However, if you’re a mother of the bride or mother of the groom, you need to be more careful.

Here’s our five point guide to making sure you will look “pretty in pink”!

Pointers on pink

1 Wear this colour head to toe and you run the risk of looking like a candy floss. My advice is to break up the colour with your accessories. The great think about any shade of pink is that it will go so well with so many other colours. Consider navy, silver or black as a contrast colour. It even works well with contrasting shades of pink. Why not put candy with fuschia for statement style? There are so many options to help break up the colour and make it look more grown-up.

And this is where we find our range of Rainbow Club shoes and handbags come into their own. They can be dyed in any colour you wish to complement your outfit.

2 Blush is certainly in for 2018. This more muted shade gives outfits a vintage vibe and complements most wedding themes well. It works particularly well in lace and is often a good shade for dark-haired people.

3 Sugary pink is also making a comeback in special occasion wear. Dress Code are doing this beautifully and age-appropriately with styles like DC302. This neat dress and jacket combines fresh pink and white. The mix of two colours makes it look more formal and grown-up. And you can see from the photo, that it works well on blonde-haired women.

4 Magenta and fuschia are fabulous choices if you want to make a statement. These stronger shades also work well for weddings all year round.  Take a look at Condici 11320 . This features a stunning fuschia print that is eye-catching yet not over-loud.

5 Avoid pink if you have high colour. Red cheeks are not the best complement to this colour. If the bride wants you to wear pink – introduce touches of it with your accessories rather than wearing it near your face.

Get it right with pink and you’ll be blushing with compliments!