Winter might still be a few months away, but women across the UK and beyond are now getting their wardrobes ready as early as early as now. What is great is about this is that you do not need to set aside the clothes you use for other seasons once the weather sets in. With the right tricks, even using a combination of dresses for winter, you can use seasonal wear to combat the colder months of the year.

So with that in mind, this article will provide some tips on how to make your winter wardrobe a little different this year.

Discover the secret of layering

Gurl claims that a little bit of layering knowledge is what you need in order to wear dresses during the winter. Of course, layering isn’t just about putting bits of clothing on top of each other. The items you choose should work together to create a cohesive outfit. The article suggests investing in basic items such as leggings, tights, cardigans, thick socks, and scarves and then mixing and matching them to create a great outfit that will allow you to stay warm even during winter.

Wear trousers underneath your dress

If the weather is too cold that tights or leggings won’t do the trick in keeping your legs warm, you can instead wear trousers underneath your dress. Atelier Doré lets ladies in on a fashion-forward secret: wear trousers or jeans that have the same drape as the dress you have on to make your outfit look like it has been strategically put together.

Invest in good coats

Good coats can do wonders to help keep you warm. Unfortunately, many women believe that having one or two in their wardrobe is already enough. However, gaming site Foxy Bingo, a brand that is renowned for offering its female-heavy community fashion advice through its What Would Foxy Do? columns, suggests making sure you purchase coats that are not just fashionable enough that they can be easily paired with your winter outfits and dresses, but are also well made from quality materials. This will ensure that you will stay warm even during winter, and that they will last for a long time, and not just for a couple of months. Outfit Trends provides a guide on how to style different types of coats with your outfits so you can pull off a sophisticated look.

On a related note, The Guardian’s fashion editor Jess Cartner-Molley advises against wearing an anorak because it makes women look like sloppily-dressed little girls. She recommends investing in tailored coats instead to avoid looking like a walking fashion disaster.

Start from the bottom

In the same way that you should invest in quality coats, you should also make sure you take the time to look for the right boots that will keep your toes nice and warm even during winter. If you live in the UK then you know just how terrible the winter months are so make sure to wear waterproof boots so your feet stay nice and dry.

Of course, as with any weather, certain types of footwear will look best when paired with specific attire. Huffington Post has a list of style suggestions in terms of choosing which boots will look best with different types of dresses.