Haven’t we all got a Goddess inside us? If you’re anything like me, most of the time I’m sure she’s a domestic one! But, I reckon, lurking under all of our everyday exteriors is an after-dark Goddess desperate to get out. And why not now? After all, the party season is well and truly hurtling towards us.  Grecian dresses are very in-vogue this winter and the good news is that the Grecian goddess look is not hard to achieve.

Grecian dresses – expect to be worshipped!

In the main, Grecian style dresses are very kind to your figure. Many, like our featured dress by Veromia Occasions, will have beautiful collar necklines so your top half is elegantly covered. It also does away with the need for fancy necklaces. Just a great pair of statement earrings will finish the look if the dress neckline is ornate.

If you are conscious of your waistline, Grecian can be a great choice. Check out some of the styles by Dynasty London and Tiffanys Illusion. Some styles have beautiful ruching or are gently gathered over the tummy. These will be easier to wear as they will not cling.

If you are not a fan of the more figure-hugging eveningwear look, go for a more floaty Greek Goddess option with fuller-skirted flare and again emphasis on a beautiful neckline.

If you really want to up the Goddess stakes, go for a dramatic look. One-shoulder styles give a very Grecian flair that is on-trend.  However, you may be more comfortable with more cover up top. If this is the case, why not opt for the cold-shoulder look? This covers your arms and just shows the top of your shoulders.

Remember with Grecian dresses that often the key to making the look work is in less is more. Why gild the lily when you are already a Goddess?!