Forget about the 12 days of Christmas. I am focusing on the 12 dresses of Christmas. My Christmas social schedule is ramping up. There are drinks parties with friends. I’m also going out for dinner. And of course a few Christmas parties thrown into the mix! And a lot of these events involving me rushing straight from the boutique out on the town. At times like this, a festive frock or two I can rely on just makes life so much easier.  Unlike with seperates, I have to worry about a matching top to go with a bottom or a bottom to go with a top. The right frock and I only have to sort my hosiery and shoes out.

Frock focus – it’s dressmas time

For me, a frock that doesn’t crease and is easy to wear time and again – not just at Christmas – is essential. I am a great fan of Canadian dress designer Frank Lyman because these dresses are light and easy and crease-free. I also love the fact I can wear a Frank Lyman dress to work and then simply change my shoes, add a bit of bling jewellery and I am ready to go out on the town. These dresses are also kind to the tummy with subtle ruching across the waistline. So, I can have that second mince pie!

Another frock designer I couldn’t get through Christmas without is Michaela Louisa.  This designer has got it right when it comes to finding a dress that is dressy enough to take you to a cocktail party but not so over the top that you can’t ever wear it again. Many of the dresses this season have sleeves so not only are my arms covered but I also don’t have to worry about a stole or cardigan. The fit is always great too and again, just so easy to wear.

Who wants to be all trussed up? Leave that to the turkey!