As I approach the half century mark – Frank Lyman is helping me to come to terms with my age! This Canadian designer offers the most brilliant day dresses that not only suit my lifestyle but are also age-appropriate. And when I say that, I don’t mean frumpy.

Frank Lyman is all about simple styles, great prints and wearability. A lot of his dresses have sleeves to cover your arms. Some have clever ruching across the tummy so they can help hide that middle-age spread too.

By day, I have a selection of dresses I wear to work in the boutique. By night, I opt for his wonderful cocktail collection with clever diagonally cut dresses which really flatter your figure. They look like you are wearing a top and skirt.

As I get older, I seem to have less time. All Frank Lyman dresses are so easy to care for.  I also seem less prepared to be uncomfortable in my clothes for the sake of fashion. Again, these dresses are easy to move in and I don’t have to spend the night breathing in!

Frank Lyman  – the fashionable facts

Made of high quality jersey means these dresses don’t cling like thinner jersey dresses do. Even better, double-lining in a lot of the styles means the dresses hang really well and don’t cling to your bottom or tummy.

They can be machine washed and don’t even need ironing! Just hang them on a hanger and in a couple of hours they are ready to wear again.

The dresses pack so easily if you are going away anywhere and don’t crease.

I love the fact that a lot of the styles look brilliant with high heels, flat shoes or even winter boots. This allows you to wear them all year round just with a change of foot wear.