Fit and flare dresses. A-line. Rock and roll frocks. Call them what you wish. The definition of all of these is essentially a dress that cinches you in at the waist and then flares out at the hips or below the hips. This style has been around a long time because it is so flattering to most figures. If you have a tiny waist, it shows it off. No waist? It gives you one. If you are hippy, it flatters as it skims rather than clings. On slim hips – it gives more shape in that department. No wonder this figure-friendly dress has never gone out of fashion! And no wonder, it is proving really popular as an occasion wear choice.

Fit and flare dresses – the fashion facts

A great fan of fit and flare dresses, I always feel so elegant and slimmer when I wear one. But being tall, I do have to be careful I don’t look like I am playing at dressing up. The key is the proportion of the fit and the flare. With this style of dress, you must get the waistline sitting just right so your hips are balanced as the dress starts to flare.

If you are short, the same need for proportion applies. You can look swamped in lots of A-line fabric so make sure your choice is delicate and light.

Fit and flare dresses like those by Veromia Occasions  are a great choice for special occasions. They really look fab at vintage-themed weddings. They are also an ideal choice at more informal wedding parties. And if you want a bit more formal, they work with a little jacket. Many that we have sold this season have been easily teamed with our little Tina Taylor bolero jackets to give them a touch more formality for the wedding service.

So remember, formal doesn’t have to be straight. Why not add some flare to your outfit with fit and flare?