This week we’ve had lots of lovely ladies in Fab Frocks shopping for evening dresses to wear to events supporting Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Some of them had fallen victim to this terrible disease and are in recovery stages. But still keen to get their glad rags on and party for a good cause.

Such positivity, such zest for life. I am full of admiration for these women who cope with this invasive and terrifying condition and come out the other end with their spirit in tact.

Pink, as always is the theme for Breast Cancer Awareness. Quite rightly so when you consider it represents caring, compassion and love. It stands for unconditional love and understanding and is associated with giving and receiving care. The perfect choice for this annual campaign.

Be pretty in the right pink evening dresses

Pink evening dresses can be thought of as a bit too girly but go for stronger fuschia pinks rather than baby pinks and they look more mature.

Pink can be so striking all year round. It looks fabulous with a tan and also on a paler skin.

Go for the ice maiden look and team it with silver accessories for winter events.

If you prefer warmer tones, more coral pinks can work and this shade can really life paler skins.

Coral also looks stunning if you have dark hair.

Whatever shade you fancy, please do your bit and wear it pink this month!