” I need to diet before I buy any dresses!” If I had a pound for every time I hear a customer tell me that, I would be sunning myself on a luxury yacht in the Bahamas by now! Worst still, is the woman who buys dresses that don’t fit her and says she is going to slim into them! I always advise strongly against that, even if it does mean sacrificing a sale. How do you know where you are going to lose the weight from? More importantly, why put yourself under all that pressure?

When it comes to buying outfits for special occasions, the pressure is on. Mothers of the bride often feel that they need to slim down before the big day. But why have all that added stress? Aren’t weddings stressful enough as it is without having to survive on a lettuce leaf for six months?

Dresses to slim your silhouette

There are some wonderful dresses out there that actually do the diet for you. A dress that is cut to flatter your figure can really help take pounds of your appearance. Good quality fabrics that hang properly and don’t cling also give a slimming effect.

A lot of ladies think any kind of layering can make you look larger but that isn’t the case. Condici, our leading occasionwear collection, has a layered dress teamed with a jacket that is so slimming. Customers can’t believe it when they try it on. They often ask me if we have some sort of magic mirror in our boutique. I wish!

The layering allows the dress to give a slimline fit without clinging to your tummy or hips. It also seems to flatten out your bottom neatly.  Combined with a neat coloured band under the bust, the whole effect elongates the body.

And before you scream at me that the model in the picture is only a size 10, I have sold this style to ladies in a size 20. Believe me, it has the same slimming effect on them.

This style is repeated by Condici every year in various colour options as it is such a bestseller. I’ve renamed it the ‘Condici calorie controlled’ dress.

Another clever design detail to look out for in occasionwear outfits is soft ruching across the tummy area. This helps to disguise those lumps and bumps we all like to keep hidden.

So, why not just burn up a few calories shopping for dresses that help you look like your diet is working! Another cake anyone?