Dress Code is a fabulously fashionable occasion wear label. And yes, I know it is hard to believe but fashionable and formal can go hand in hand. This spring/summer it has been one of our bestselling labels and the autumn looks set to follow suit.

So why take a look at Dress Code? This designer label was designed with the younger mother of the bride in mind – in age and/or approach to life. Our customers are loving the new season’s choice of rich colours like fuchsia and navy together to make a statement. Warm tones of plum and magenta also feature. At the other end of the spectrum, there are beautifully soft silvers.


Dress Code – key looks for autumn occasions

Frock coats feature strongly for autumn/winter weddings. And don’t worry, we are not talking the stuffy Queen Mum look. God rest her soul and those coats! Take a look at the amazing peplum styling of the coat on style DC272 (pictured above).  I adore the tail coat style of this coat that is just so flattering. The longer length at the back makes you look slimmer and taller. The soft edging around the front helps to shape your hips. It is also a bit quirky yet still very elegant. The dress underneath has elegant sleeves too. Also, check out the reverse colour combination idea where the jacket is navy and fuchsia and the dress the reverse.

There is also a touch of 1950’s elegance going on with this collection. Some stunning little jackets with pretty collars work really well if you want a neater look.

And because many weddings are now all in one venue, the floaty frock coat which is lighter can still work for winter weddings. If this idea appeals, take a look at style DC250 . The navy organza frock coat is beautifully styled. Teamed with a navy and silver dress underneath, it works really well.

So don’t worry about what to wear to your daughter or son’s wedding! Check out Dress Code for stylish answers to “what shall I wear?”