Cruise wear dresses have been much in demand this week. My customers have been torturing me with tales of where they are going for their exotic winter escapes. Barbados, Hawaii – as I hunker down for the winter here.  I may not be lucky enough to be going with them but at least some of my dresses from the boutique will experience some winter sun. As the temperatures drop here, they need cruise wear dresses perfect for sunnier and warmer climes. And of course, they must be able to pack easily.

Cruise wear dresses – easy to wear and easy to pack

Our new collection of Italian mesh dresses from Barker and Pattichis is proving really popular.  These dresses are made of the most amazing lightweight Italian mesh. It is so soft and really comfortable to wear. They come with matching over jackets to cover your arms. The jackets can be tied at the middle or left to fall like a more casual cardigan.

They pack into the tiniest of suitcases. Even better, they don’t crease. Even better still, they don’t need ironing. Wash, hang them and they are dry and ready to wear in just a few hours.

The dresses are all bra-friendly with one inch straps so you can wear a bra with them easily.

Our customers are also loving the longer length of the dresses which sit on the calf.  This length is very flattering and can help hide those dreaded varicose veins.

The prints these cruise wear dresses come in are fabulous too. There are lots of fresh aqua and purple colourways as well as tropical reds and oranges. If you prefer softer shades, there is a lovely vintage flower print too.

So lightweight and lovely unlike my thick winter coat. That’s it! I am off to the travel agent….