Cape sleeve dresses are a brilliant alternative to dresses with sleeves. The floaty overlay covers your arms without restricting your movement. The whole look is fluid and very feminine.  That is when you get it right. Get it wrong and you can look like Batman heading off for a night out in Gotham city!

Cape sleeve dresses – the right way to cover up

This style is finding its way from the fashion runway into all sorts of occasionwear. Mother of the bride collections from designers like Dress Code and plus size designer Dressed Up feature this cape styling. It is also featuring on cocktail and evening wear from designers like Frank Lyman. This really works as long dresses with solid sleeves can sometimes look frumpy.

In some cases, the floaty cape is detachable from the dress so you can remove it easily to change the look. If you don’t mind showing your arms, fling the cape behind you so it appears more like a drapey stole.

It is a great look and very on-trend for 2017. The key is getting the proportions right. A long, floaty cape over a dress looks fabulous if you are tall. If you are petite, it could drown you. Go for a shorter, scalloped style that will still show off your waist line.

For fuller-figured ladies, a cape overlay that is cut on the diagonal is particularly flattering. This is because it hides the tummy. The angular lines seem to also elongate the body so you look taller and slimmer. Our plus size collection Dressed Up features this look and our customers love it.

The other brilliant thing about cape sleeve dresses is that they are cool and comfortable to wear. The floaty chiffon is light and there are no restrictions on your arm movements which you sometimes get with sleeves.

So you can still look fashionable, cover your arms and be comfortable. The perfect answer to those occasionwear concerns. No wonder that famous caped crusader would never be seen in anything else!