Being the bride’s mother will probably be the most important day in your life. Aside from your own wedding that is. At the moment, my shop is like a fashion feeding frenzy as women come in to find their dream mother of the bride outfit.

Regarded as the next most important guest, what you are going to wear will hold a lot of interest for many people. You are the co-star to the leasing lady – the bride. For some women, all this attention is a dream come true. For others, who prefer to be less in the limelight, it can be a nightmare. However you are feeling about being a bride’s mother, please don’t worry. Shopping for that elusive outfit can be a pleasurable experience – believe me!

Bride’s mother –  top tips on dressing for the big day

1 Allow yourself time to shop. A specialist boutique like mine will have occasion wear outfits all year round but there is more choice earlier in the season.

2 Don’t confuse yourself with an entourage. If you prefer to shop with someone else – bring a close friend you can trust or the bride. Getting the opinion of too many people will just muddle you and you may make the wrong decision. I had one bride’s mother bring eight people to “help” her make a decision. Needless to say she left the shop feeling frazzled!

3 If you are lucky enough to have a laid-back bride as a daughter, she will be happy for you to choose whatever you like. Others like to be very involved and may request you wear a certain colour to match the wedding theme. If this is the case, bear in mind you don’t have to wear that colour top to toe. Just a pop of the colour theme may be a better way to go. It is more important for you to look amazing than match the table napkins after all!

4 Don’t get hung up on your size. Special occasion outfits come from all over the world so the sizing is not all all like high street. Does it matter anyway? As long as you look stunning and do your daughter proud – who cares if you have gone up a size from normal?

5 Enjoy the shopping experience. How often do you get to dress up? You have no doubt dreamed of this day since you held that little girl in your arms as a baby.  Do her proud as she is you.