Bardot dresses are on trend for 2018. From the high street to haute couture, this neckline, named after the movie icon Brigitte Bardot, is back in vogue. And it is so exciting to see that it is finding its way into occasionwear for spring/summer 2018.

Bardot dresses feature an off-the shoulder neckline, often with a turn-down collar effect, which reveals your collarbone and top of your shoulders.  Get this look right and it is demure and elegant, Think Demi Moore in the gorgeous black dress in ‘Indecent Proposal’. Get it wrong and you look like your dress has been unexpectedly yanked down in a nasty wardrobe malfunction moment. Think Kim Kardashian on too many occasions to mention!


Bardot dresses – get the movie star look

Showing your collarbone can look classy. Get it right and the effect is glamorous rather than revealing.

The key with this neckline is to make sure it is sitting right. You don’t want it riding up every time you move your shoulders. Some of the Bardot necklines have elasticated trim which helps them sit below your shoulders and stay on your arms rather than pinging up.

The special occasion Bardot dresses also have a more structured neckline. This means they are more formal in their fit rather than floppy like some of the more casual bardot dresses. This makes them easier to wear as they stay in place more readily.

Bardot dresses are trickier to wear if you have broad shoulders. If this is the case, you need to make sure the cut of the sleeves is across the slimmest part of the top of your arms or it can make you look wider.

Bardot dresses are ideal for weddings as the focus is on the neckline. Think about how much time you spend sitting at a wedding and you can see why an interesting top half to your outfit is so important.

A stunning Bardot dress can be set off with a statement piece of jewellery which will help to formalise the look and draw even more attention to your classy collarbone.